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Legal and Corporate Affairs

The Legal and Corporate Affairs Department’s main function is to advise the BAZ Board and Management on any legal issues which affect the Authority. The department also has the duty to ensure compliance and advise on the licensing process in terms of Section 10 of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06] and to ensure that broadcasting licensees comply with the provisions of the Act and to enforce the penalties in the event of breach. The department is also responsible for providing advise on ways of improving and promoting a regulatory environment that facilitates the development of a broadcasting industry in Zimbabwe which is efficient, competitive and responsive to audience needs and national interest.


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Finance and Adminstration Department

The finance function  primarily provides a service to the organization and its external stakeholders. Internally, the function ensures that fundamental principles of financial management such as financial accountability, internal controls, record-keeping, audits, planning, budgets, cashflow management and financial

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Content Department

The main activities of the broadcast content compliance department are directed at monitoring the content of broadcasting licensees for compliance with the content conditions as provided by the Broadcasting Services Act and the Broadcasting Services (Licensing and Content) Regulations. The content obligations placed on broadcasting licensees are an important means to promote a sense of Zimbabwean national identity through programmes that respect community standards and values and promote peace and national cohesion. The focus of the department’s work is to ensure the application, in the case of radio and television licensees,

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Technical Department

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Technical department plans and manages use of broadcasting services in Zimbabwe, develops technical standards for broadcasting in accordance with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards, monitors and tracks the use of broadcasting services bands, investigates interference problems in the broadcasting services bands and coordinates frequency assignments with neighboring countries.


Internal Audit Department

The Internal Auditing Department is established by the Board of Directors, and its responsibilities are defined by the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board of Directors as part of their oversight function. Internal Audit is a tool of Board and Management to achieve economy, efficiency and effectiveness in running the Authority. The role of External Audit is to give an opinion on the fairness and truthfulness of the financial statements of the Authority.

Internal Auditing is an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity that is guided by philosophy of adding value to improve the operations of the

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